Friday Upcycling

Refurbishing a house is a fun and creative activity – especially if the money aspect of things is not a problem!

Driftwood board shelves

When we bought this old house, we knew we had years of work ahead of us. Our budget is tiny. Our skills are rather basic. But my imagination is endless!

Things will take time and surely by the time the renovations are done, we’ll be ready to move away! But this quote about travelling suits refurbishing just as well:

“it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”


Here is what our kitchen looked like once we started boning it…



I am not a big fan of plasterboard and wanted to keep these walls as rough as possible. Unfortunately these stones are not meant to be exposed. So I thought a simple coating and paint will do.

I like what it is turning into. It is not perfect. It doesn’t look professional! But it has the bohemian vibe I love. I found a driftwood board on the beach. Now my dishcloths, mugs and handmade pots have a place where they can show off!

thriftshop egg cups

exposed-stone wall

handmade pottery

Still… So much more to do!

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