London : foodies heaven

I was looking at the pictures I took in London during my last week-end there, and I realized 80% of them were food photos!

One of my biggest pleasure while travelling is definitely eating! I always focus on street vendors, corner shops, and markets. In London there are so many options


My  favorites memories are:

Ottolenghi Notting Hill


Covent Garden Real Food Market (my mouth is watering right now…)


There are also festivals, happenings, local shop, Camden Market…


Cheese, anyone?



This Jamie Oliver shop in Notting Hill London has unfortunately been closed.


Whatever the kind of delicacies you like, you’ll be amazed by the variety and quality of fresh street food. As a French woman I should be praising la cuisine Française to the skies. But I must admit the Brits know how to offer tasty bites like no other. We, on the contrary, can be a little narrow minded over here. Food, to me, must be A/ a pleasure to look at and B/ easy to get!

I am looking forward to going back. The sooner, the better.

6 thoughts on “London : foodies heaven

  1. OMG, it IS mouthwatering! So many good things! Especially the pastry choice, always makes me cry over poor Norwegian fantasy.
    And how you compare French and English manner is just fun. I have read Julia Child’s book about her eating in England, and got that aghhh feeling. But you make it sound like much changed since. I don’t remember food in London since I was there for a week with au-pair budget (hello, Subway and McD’s). I see that I just need to go back :)))

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    1. I had my first introduction to “high cuisine” while living in England. I was an au-pair too, working for a family who loved gastronomy and invited me regularly to fancy restaurants. That was so far away from the typical British cooking that is stuck in people’s mind worldwide! I do believe the British people know how to treat themselves to tasty, spicy, pretty, attractive food – as long as it is not typical week day home-food!!!

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      1. Really? It was similar to my experience, though it was not high cuisine. But I had never been to a decent restaurant before, I came from very poor times in Ukraine then, so visiting the restaurants every Sunday with my German family was a thrill. It was not something high, but gosh, for me then it was so exotic :)))
        And oooh, that tour of fancy British restaurants makes me curious and kinda envious. Now I got this wish too :))) I guess, there is quite a good choice of foods in England, I mean, the city of London, that you can find anything. You cannot talk about one standard food of England, when it has such a metropole of the world class full of everything :))
        I never thought of London in terms of food tour, but now you made me thinking… (and mouth watering too :)))

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  2. Neal’s Yard cheese shop was a tiny weeny place in Neal’s Yard when I worked in Covent Garden in the late eighties. I was thrilled to see how much they had expanded last time I was in London.

    Time to organise dinner! 😋


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