Mont St Michel

As I watched Madame Sunkissis‘s pictures of her visit to Le Mont St Michel this morning, it made me want to reorganized mine, taken on the sunny Christmas Eve, two years ago.

Mont St Michel

We got there by car. Even though it was winter time, it was pretty busy. But I think it is the best period of time to visit this place. On a sunny wind free day!

The parking lot can be accessed by the following roadways:

A11 towards Le Mans – Laval then exit towards Fougères and direction Le Mont-Saint-Michel.
A13 towards Caen and A84 direction Mont-Saint-Michel.
As part of the preservation plan of Mont-Saint-Michel, visitors have to park in a large parking lot. Upon your arrival, you are guided to an area dedicated to the under 5 meter-cars. Once you got rid of your car , look for the Navettes – located in the center of the car park, next to the Tourist Information Center. Signs indicate the direction to follow.

Parking Flat rate: € 11,70

For more information, visit:

Once on foot, there are many options. You’ll have checked your guide books, favorite blogs, or Tripadvisor I am sure. As always we decided to just “get lost” in the narrow streets of the island. We skipped the numerous tourist shops or overly expensive restaurants. My only recommandation here is to carry a nice picnic with you and find yourself a little stone bench with a view (forget about that option during the summer!).

It is really a fantastic place, quite unique! It could almost be a Disney resort as the architecture resemble a fantasy medieval land! In 2015, the town had 33 inhabitants, called the Montois. Real people!! The islet of Mont Saint-Michel has become over time an emblematic element of French heritage. The architecture and its bay make it the most popular tourist site in Normandy and one of the ten most visited in France.

The wood tiles of Mont St Michel are 300 years old. These roofs are a magnificent piece of art.

streets mont st michel

Please, let me know if you’ve been there already and tell me what you thought about it!



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