Kyoto guesthouse

We are actively working on our autumnal trip to Japan. As always, I am not planning the daily family sightseeing tours but I like to take the time to research the places where we’ll spend our nights. Looking for a quaint affordable guesthouse is my drug!

For our stays in Tokyo, we have found 2 different Airbnb.

The first one is a classic flat. Nothing really charming but convenient. The area, Arakawa-ku, is told to be “traditional” with plenty of street food offers, cafes, bakeries, grocers, and gift shops where the locals are very welcoming. Just what I like!

The second one, a funny looking mini studio flat, is in Suginami-ku. The blog gaijinpot  tells me the area is a good choice for us! “Here, you’ll find in each section a microcosm of the daily life that carries on across the city, tourists or not, in all its idiosyncrasies.”

But what I am really excited about is the accomodation we’ve found in Kyoto, a traditional machiya (Kyoto style) guesthouse. It seems to be a renovated old house where the integrated a bit of modernity but just looking at the photos I know we’ll enjoy the traditional atmosphere! There is a shared kitchen, a small tatami mat manga room, a super quirky courtyard… it suits our budget perfectly. Oh I am so looking forward to being there for real!


Keep on sharing your personnal tips on Tokyo and Kyoto. We are sticking to these two destinations because we want to take the time. I don’t want to spend two weeks running around. The aim is to wander, get lost and discover secret streets!

By the way, if you’re looking for a place to stay for your next trip check on! If by chance you find your ideal type of accommodation, feel free to use this link. All you need to do is make a reservation. After your stay, you will receive a 10% refund!

You can also get the same kind of discount with this airbnb code.

4 thoughts on “Kyoto guesthouse

    1. I was looking for an equivalent term to the French word “dépaysant” (litterally “un-country like”) and all I found is exotic! anyway… That will be my second most “exotic” trip after india. And the first for my teenage daughter. We have an old school black board in our lounge where we wrote down all the destinations which are on top of the bucket list! And I tell you, I need that lottery bad!!!!


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