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This morning, I wanted to share with you my favorite house corners: the kitchen where I spend most of my time, the coffee spot, my desk, the garden.

I live in an old house which we are slowly refurbishing – no more structural work to predict but still heavy things to complete! We chose this particular house because of its garden. It looks like a garden from a Miyazaki anime with Totoros running around. Semi wild flowers are blooming here and there and well designed paths are oftenly invaded by weed and tall grass. Our two mad dogs make it impossible to have a tidy clean area! But it is the best place to read your book and have a coffee (no cappuccino!!! long/black/no sugar!)


Which one of your house would you choose?

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12 thoughts on “Share your home

  1. Yay, Nespresso!! The garden that I visualized! Beautiful! ( I actually drink my coffee as espresso shots nowadays because I don’t have time to make and drink a cafe au lait or cappuccino, with 2 babies everything needs to be quick and efficient! But I’d love to drink large cups of soy milk cafe au lait if I had the time!)
    Sorry for spying, but is that 6 months in the Antarctica that I see on your travel wish list??!! Oh my!!!! (looking for a freezing emoji… can’t find one!) My hubby dreams of Antarctica – the closest we got is Ushuaia which is a departure point for some of the ships that go there!

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