Lines: the MUCEM in Marseille

This week, share a photo with a composition dominated by lines — hard or soft, straight or curvy, vertical or horizontal, or made in nature or as part of a cityscape.

This is the them of the Daily Post weekly Photo Challenge. I chose a picture of Marseille and its iconic museum, the MUCEM. I’ve never been in because the exhibitions were never very appealing to me. I much prefer the Musée Regards de Provence which is nearby. But the structure of the building is such a fantastic playground for photographers.

I remember taking a friend there and telling her on the way how the stone dark grey lace of the structure was so delicate and how gorgeous this modern building was, especially in an area of Marseille which had been abandoned for many years. Once we got there, she said “is that it?”… So I guess, it all depends on each individual’s artistic sensibility!

The museum per se, “a building of stone, water and wind” was designed by the architect Rudy Ricciotti.

I strongly recommend a visit where the sun is coming down onto the sea.

Mucem, Marseille (France)
Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée (MuCEM)


4 thoughts on “Lines: the MUCEM in Marseille

  1. I would’ve been impressed. It is stunning and unique in a world where good architecture is undervalued. I have to admit that I did the same “Is that it!?”, to a friend who took me to a famed volcanic beach in New Zealand. She’d gone on and on about it, but having just come back from Latin America (where I travelled with her, btw) it failed to impress. To my shame I failed to cover up my feeling of “meh”. 😃

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