Feet in Water Therapy

For this week’s Photo Challenge , I chose to share some of my H20 therapy moments.

I realized when looking for photos for this challenge, that water was really for me a way to unwind.


I might actually go to the beach this afternoon to chill out and wash my stressed brain out… Hopefully it will calm down the sudden hives crisis I’ve developed when going back to work! If you feel you need help concerning your Mental Health It’s the good week to do so.


10 thoughts on “Feet in Water Therapy

  1. That water is pretty, it looks very refreshing. A good choice of photos for this challenge. Most of my photos seem to have the sea in them, so that’s what I’ll choose when I post my entry.. have a great day!


      1. I know what you mean. I need to see the sea every day! Luckily we live on the boat for the whole summer, lots of sea everywhere! And in the winter we are just five minutes from the local beach.

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      1. Never been there! It’s a nudist place, at least during some hours! Women and men separately. Anyway, the public swimming pools are always c r o w d e d. Remember how I told you the only crowds here are during sales? I was wrong. I forgot the swimming pools! 🤣 Anyway, they are indoors. I’d love to swim outside. (There are 3 outdoors pools here. And eeeeveryone wants to go to them. Long lines if the weather is nice. Showers and pool full!) There is a beach near the center of town but the sand isn’t real beach sand, it’s more dusty, like dirt, and the sea water is unclean (algae)… and cold! 😁


      2. Right… Seems like quite a challenge! I don’t mind crowds when walking along in city streets or metro. But for activities like swimming, there is nothing worth! Oh you’d love the beaches here. Well as long as you can cope with cold water (10° today… and 18° max in August)!

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