New work week, new team.


When embarking last Friday, I learnt I would be spending the week with the entertaining team!

I’d be lying if I said I was not happy and slightly excited about that new job. There is nothing extraordinary about it but the idea of being the fun happy face who welcomes the passengers pleased me quite a lot!

There would be the cinema theaters to take care of, the kids activities with coloring contests, the “scrap-cooking” animation, the staff fashioned show to organize /and  be part of (double girly smiley!), the welcoming sangria to serve… etc. And I get to do some announcements! On the public announcement system! I mean, come on…!


What it felt like after a several days…

Let’s be honest, I love it! First, it helped me know my way on the ship much better. Knowing my “geography” made me self-reliant. I also like the fact to be part of a team but with an independent role. As long as the tasks are done I don’t need to refer to my supervisor.

On the first day I understood why everyone said “animation” was a hideout. It seemed pretty quiet and relax. I realized later there are plenty of little activities to take care of –  you have to be available for and mindful of passengers constantly! You are one of the people who greet and welcome them on board, at the cinema, at the restaurant, while showing them the safety procedures,  assist them on their way out (when they get all stressed out and lost!)… But you’ll be the one they recognize, and your face becomes the one of a helping friend. I love the connection more than anything. I own the place baby!!


Last day, 9:30pm

After 7 days of long days of work, I still have a bit of energy to take off my uniform, put on a jumper, walk up back to the outside deck. It is the last night on board. Tomorrow morning we’ll be back home. Out there I find myself absorbed in a new universe – it’s not completely dark yet. It is mysterious. We left the English coast 1 hour ago. The tranquil sea is “une mer d’huile” (a sea of oil). The engines are off (slow night crossing), the water is just one shade darker than the sky. The air is fresh but not cold.

Just for this one particular moment of pure serenity and artful simplistic vision, I love my job! Out there, out of the AC, out of the garages on the lower decks, out of hustle and bustle of the restaurant. Out there, there is a special world, made of a magic air and new tones. My eyes’ auto-focus barely function anymore. I feel under a spell.

12 thoughts on “New work week, new team.

    1. Yes it seems I’ll be “entertaining” this season! No more boutique or cafeteria work for me this summer. The “commissaire” (ship chief) calls me the ballet leading lady! I guess he appreciated my energy!! 😉

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      1. Exhausting! The babies’ stroller tipped over backwards and we are lucky nothing serious happened to them! And they also had a vomiting day, they might be allergic to eggs but they won’t be giving the babies allergy tests for another month or two because there are long queues. It’s been amazingly sunny, which means I feel obligated to go out with the babes every day to enjoy it, which means I get nothing done and have to do all the chores in the evenings after they fall asleep, which would normally be my only time to take a break (or go to sleep early). Phew!


      2. Good gracious! I don’t quite know what to answer to that to make you feel better. I know you love your babes and all,… mais je me souviens combien il est compliqué de gérer la fatigue quotidienne et le manque de sommeil peut te pourrir la vie! J’espère que tu limites les tâches ménagères au minimum (lessives et repas des loulous).

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      3. 💕 Oui, c’est déjà au minimum mais il y a plein des choses à faire… I also visited many daycare centers and applied, applications must be 4 months in advance and all places are full, so they say… But, we also had fun, the boys’ both grandmas bought them new toys and we went to places they’ve never been to before 😊 It’s all good…

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      4. About the day care facilities, it seems to be the same mess as in France. But here you need to apply once you are 3-month pregnant. Only then can you hope you’ll have a place for when you go back to work… My daughter never got a place. She stayed with my Mom until she went to school (a complete wild introvert scared little girl then …) when she turned 4.

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      5. Ps. Sorry if my reply shocked you, I sometimes forget that here in Finland we respond differently to ”how are you” than for example Americans! Here, it’s a real question 😄 Anyway, I feel like I know you, you seem to familiar somehow, like our paths have already crossed. In a good way! Well, enjoy your evening Veronique! 🌻


      6. My question was A REAL QUESTION! When I opened WordPress this weekend after I disembarked, I checked first if you posted something. There was just the WPC, so I felt like texting you just to know how you were! So yes, definitely a mutual feeling of connection here!!! 😉 Take care my friend, xxx Véro.

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