Dishonored beauty

You know how fascinated I am by abandoned places because they spark the imagination: What is their story? What are they hiding? Are there any period furniture left in? …
But it is also a great source of frustration when very old stones, witnesses of a lost past, are left utterly abandoned by real and alive owners who do not seem aware of the damage that the years will inflict on the building.
In 2016 I fell in love with this forsaken castle. I wrote a long post on the blog I had at the time.

In the meantime I had forgotten about the place, until I read these two posts written in 2016 and 2018.

So yesterday I went back to see what happened to the place, hoping the 2018 rehabilitation project had started.


Access is not possible inside the castle
But you can walk around the building and enjoy the park

Apart from some windows on the top floor (probably broken by strong winds from the sea), there doesn’t seem to be any major deterioration (not man made!)

The only possible view of what it looked like inside was through a small air vent … The staircase leading to the sanitary …


It was built in the 19th century and composed of three levels and a partial basement.

There has been plans to transform the place and make it a residential house to accommodate students from the Pierre and Marie Curie University, and also employees and especially interns in medicine.

The farm, once refurbished, could host start-up companies.
In 2013 it has been sold one more time for € 3,000,000 and the new owner was supposed to carry out the rehabilitation. There is so much one could do with more than two hectares of land, a hospital-type building, the castle, farm buildings and sheds, a dwelling house, a chapel (decommissioned)…

Some buildings have since found a new life and the refurbishment has been partially done. But this is what the castle looks like now… Untouched. Sad. Damp. Dishonored.

11 thoughts on “Dishonored beauty

      1. If it is what they played for the whole estate they won’t loose money anyway. Just the hospital type building probably costs that much on its own. When you think there are land, other buildings, plus the castle…!

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    1. I have the same impression when I watch old post cards of Marseille… How badly you can ruin a place…

      I know it does cost money to keep these sorts of architectural marvels in shape. But they should be protected more carefully. Not every municipal representatives have the ideas/energy/willingness to deal with th e problem.

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    1. Merci! J’espère que cela ne te dérange pas que j’ai mis un lien vers ton site… mais les photos méritaient d’être partagées!


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