Marseille and around

Just like many of us in this part of the world, I’m entering my very uncomforting zone filled with rainy days, grey sky, and general gloominess!

Just like a groundhog, I’d be happy to hide away until spring. Those of you who’d be willing to make me envisage that Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall, and blablabla… just walk on! Because i’ll never buy it!

These coming months only mean one thing to me: the end of blue sky, dry ground… and normal-pace life.

That’s also the period when I miss my days in Marseille because the colours and light of the South of France remain vibrant even during the winter days.

La Ciotat

Let le take you around Marseille for a shot of virtual vitamin D.

The good thing with Marseille is the vast choice of places to visit around. The coast is fantastic but it’s a city where you’re also very close the Alps.

Alpes de Hautes Provence
Perfect for skiing in the winter and hiking during the rest of the year.

There is also the best selection of quaint villages in the Vaucluse area. If you’re into antics and brocante (and your wallet can allow it…), this is the place for you.

Don’t forget to try Les Gorges du Verdon. Hiking, canoe, sailing… deep green lake and a canyon!

If you don’t fancy a long drive away from the city, there are gorgeous little ports where to enjoy sun, sea as well as tracks surrounded by pinetrees and rosemary bushes.

But you can also stay in Marseille. As long as you keep to the coast, you’ll never be disappointed…

Au-revoir, à bientôt … (Ile du Frioul)

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