To my dear grand-daughter,

Today is April 22nd, 2020.

You’re not actually born yet obviously. Your mother is only 15 but I’ve been thinking about you quite a lot these days.

As you may have guessed seeing today’s date, I’m writing this letter during France’s first Coronavirus lockdown. This seems like such an important period in the history of our world. I’m not sure we’ve all realized that already.

Yesterday I posted a photo on Instagram of a crowded beach I took years ago when living in the South of France. Instagram was a “social media” back then. A device we used to share photos on the internet. It’s a bitter sweet memory to think what “social” meant then. Anyway, my photo received a few likes and comments. Two of them highlighted the fact crowded beaches were never a thing they’d miss. How ironic!

I’m been obsessing with all the things you’re going to miss.

Just before the lockdown, I was about to start my 4th season on board ferries. I was a stewardess. My job consisted of taking care of an average 2,000 passengers. The crossings to Spain during the summer months could get pretty packed. But what an invigorating atmosphere!

Right now, I don’t really know which job I’ll be able to do in the future. The tourism industry will suffer greatly. And surely, being a seasonal worker with a seasonal virus around doesn’t seem very sensible.

I’d be very tempted to go back to the catering business which is my first love, but restaurants and bars have been closed for 5 weeks now. And the situation in this field seems just as insecure as my ferry job.

Will you still have restaurants like the ones we’ve known. Will you be able to try a busy British pub on a Friday night when you have to fight you way to the bar? Will you have a great Bar à Vins in your neighborhood where you need to shout to be heard in the noisy crowd? Will you be waitressing as a student job, clearing tables and touching other people’s plates?

Also, this was the time when your grand-father, your mother and I were thinking of moving away again. I didn’t like being a country dweller I had realized after 5 years in Brittany. And too often, living in this rural fringe location made me think I had also traveled back in time. Too medieval for me!

In 3 weeks from now, they say they will start the déconfinement. We’re wondering if we should put our house for sale right away, hoping many Parisian families will now search secondary homes with a garden for the future lockdowns?

You have no idea how many questions this first quarantine raised in people’s minds…

Spring 2020 was also when your grandfather thought about getting a teaching degree. Your mother was obsessing about starting high-school in September after a spoiled last year at secondary school.

And as always, I was lost and navigating between everybody’s needs. Your grand-grandmother was all alone in Marseille and it didn’t help with her mental health. So it didn’t help with mine either!

I think of you.

You know your mother won a writing contest when she was 10. Her text was called Un Monde Sans Couleur. It was a dystopian story about a world where colors were forbidden. You’ll have to read it. It’s frightening…

17 thoughts on “To my dear grand-daughter,

  1. Hi Vero, this is indeed a serious question: is the life as we knew it over? Probably not, but I guess we will live in a different reality for a few years to come.. Great post! Your daughter’s imagination is vivid for that age. 🙂 I cannot imagine a world without colors. Are you thinking of moving to a big city ?

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    1. I’ve been wanting to come back to Paris for years but as much as I want it, I cannot afford it. So maybe Nice, in the South of France…
      Definitely very near a big city!
      Thanks again for dropping by and for the nice comments.


  2. I hope she’ll get to experience all that:) I hope that my children won’t be locked inside every year…here lockdown measures are until 4 May but there are more ppl outside every day..then some measures will be relaxed. they have some idiotic ideas about restaurants and other businesses and still believe tourists will come this year, I’m not so sure…

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  3. I have to agree with the comments above, it’s an unusual post 🙂 written it with a sense of humor yet posing serious questions… these are times of transition, uncertainty and change for us all… let’s hope for the best!! where do you plan to go live next?
    Also your daughter’s essay about a world without colors is a striking idea… wow…that would be interesting to read 🙂 is it only in French?
    sending smiles your way 🙂

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    1. I’m quite happy with the way this post turned out. It was liberating talking to someone close to my heart – although not a real person!
      The theme from my daughter’s essay was colours. That’s how she ended up with her story. To me (eg proud mama) it’s a masterpiece! I’m one of the characters in her story and I get to wear sparkly golden forbidden shoes in it!!!
      Yes, it was written in French.
      Sending hugs and unicorns back at you!


    1. Let’s hope you’re right. Yes it is part of our culture but it seems we have done all those things virtually for months now… When it has only really been just 5 weeks. Funny how time passes…


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