Minute contentment

Posted more or less one year ago. Due to the actual Coronavirus situation, this post feels quite appropriate.

My French Chronicles

Thank you Marina to remind me to focus on small pleasures…

I’ve been away from the blog since going back to work but the time spent away from my computer screen has been spent wisely. Although I have completely stopped the heavy DIY undergone in my kitchen (and started two months ago!!), I have used my free time to do useless things, pleasurable things. And Marina’s post written about small pleasures reminded me how important it is for me not to have big plans but to focus on small achievable goals and little daily victories. More than anything else, it is vital to compose a happy day with adding special moments and minute instants of pure contentment.

Looking up. Deep blue sky.

Homemade fresh lunch.

Family time. Spending time outdoors. Coastal walks.

(One of the 7 cardinal sins – but as I have said before this French term doesn’t…

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