Questioning travel bloggers

Since we’re all forced to live a sedentary existence these days I wondered how you were dealing with the lockdown, my nomadic friends. Have we all become lifestyle bloggers instead, sharing your best sourdough tips now? Or should we all revisit previous episodes from a previous seasons of previous trips?

I confess I admire those of you who manage to keep the energy to take us around the globe with old photos and stories, challenge posts and bucket lists.

I have been unable to do so. Or read. Or finish a single DIY project.

All I manage to do is cook. Listen to music. Skim through magazines. Text friends.

I’ve thought of travels quite a lot though. The one I took. The one I still have on my wish list. Each time I listen to a scenic piece of piano, I’m transported…

It’s all about the cities I grew fond of. The places which made me think I wonder what it’s like to live here. The trips which are still to be taken engage less space in my imagination right now. The virus situation has stopped the time for me and there is more past than future. Or at least the past is something I can rely on.

What’s ahead of us is so irrationally inconceivable!

All about the NOW isn’t really exciting or motivating. I hear some of my friends rejoicing because working from home has been such an upgrade from their usual professional routine. Or because slowing down has allowed parents and children to pause the vicious circle of frantically going from one commitment to the next… Bravo to you!

Improvise, adapt, overcome…

All the elements around us structure our life and our reality. Without this practicality, all we’re left with are virtual interactions. Visiting a museum, eating in a restaurant, or travelling is something which cannot be adapted to this current lifestyle.

Being a contemplative spirit, I fuel on visual stimuli to be happy. I need details to photograph. I need scenes which resemble a set from film or a stage around me. A woman passing by with an outfit I like. An inspiring shopwindow decor. A conversation to pick up in the streets. People kissing or greeting each other. Real people.

So what do you think our travel blogs will become? Will we still recommend adresses of quirky cafes ? Will we post photos of our hotel breakfast buffets? Will we still exchange tips on airline companies? Are you team CONFIDENT and have already planned your next flight? Or are you team CLUELESS like me, wandering aimlessly between Netflix and your kitchen, trying to make some sense out of it all?

Will there be other bike-rides to Barceloneta, coastal treks in Sydney, lunches in the East Village, food markets in London, sunny winter morning walks down to St Michel, evening drinks in Yanaka Ginza, gelati in Sanremo?….Will your next sangria be served by a masked waiter? Will you take a double decker bus in London and use the handrail to go and seat on the upper level?

How do you envisage travelling in a post-Coronavirus world where social distancing will prevent you from hugging friends you haven’t seen in ages or rethink using the metro?

Cartoons/ illustrations by Demitri Martin.

I recommend his film Dean (available on Netflix)

18 thoughts on “Questioning travel bloggers

  1. I don’t think you should be guilty of not keeping stamina blogging about travels; what I think you’re doing (cooking, texting friends) is also a great way to deal with the pandemic. Everyone has different ways of coping being stuck at home– some choose to write, others cook. I am personally catching up on writing about trips from last summer, and I plan to dedicate this summer to posts of my adventures in China over a decade ago. All the while spicing it up with other travel-related posts…bon courage à toi et soyez vigilante!

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  2. What a great post — agree with so many of your points, especially ads, ‘influencers’ (love your French pronunciation!) and sponsored posts. Happy to have found your blog and look forward to reading more. Cheers across the Channel x

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    1. Thank you so much Carolyn for your kind words 🌈 It feels extra special, especially these days!!!
      Looking forward to sharing much more with you in the future. xx


  3. Good morning! I love your writing so much V! I have been posting about things I WANT to do when things flatten out a bit. Keeps the hope alive. I have booked some weekend trips with anticipation we will be able to travel again. In fact, we have a trip planned to Africa in August – we will see what happens here. I have FINALLY resigned myself to the fact that if it’s cancelled it’s not the end of the world. I have cried about everything else we have had to cancel, but I realize there are greater hardships in the world. Loving being at home day in and day out – never thought I would say that. Hope you had a good weekend!


    1. Oh you’re so sweet girl!!
      I love and admire your spirit. Wow, Africa!!! Very ambitious right now but hey… YOLO!
      I have had ups and downs these last two months no knowing what we were going to become but at least, I have managed to keep my mind extremely busy the past 10 days with diverse video editing.
      It started with a birthday video for my American penpal whom I started writing to 28 years ago (and we’re still friends and regularly in contact). And it has become a spoof scenes video YouTube channel & Instagram page which I use as an unusual daily journal!
      I guess I’ve transferred all my capacity to create something there!!

      Hopefully soon enough, we’ll all be sharing travel tips and photos again.
      Fingers crossed for your next amazing trip.


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      1. We are hiking this morning. We got pedicures last night. Laying low outside of that. Next weekend, we are going to a little town about 3 hours away for a getaway and then camping with friends. Hotels are finally opening at the end of the month! Each state is doing their own thing so depends where you are. What are u up to??

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      2. One of your comment seem to have disappeared before I was able to reply… Anyway I hope your Saturday went as planned. Over here we went back to Brest (the main city in our area) for the first time in two months. Restaurants are still closed and only a few of them do take aways. Most of the shops were open in the main street (unless they’ve shut down for good…). People with masks everywhere which is a little challenging to get used to. It’s a completely different atmosphere from a normal Saturday afternoon in town. Not quite as carefree as before.
        Today will be a no mask day. We’re going down to the beach by bike. They have reopened this week (no sunbathing or picnic or dog walk yet…). And then back home for gardening, reading and… sewing more masks!!!
        Have a great Sunday Pam.

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  4. Good questions. I already faced these when I had my twins and my travel lifestyle changed into a Mom-of-little-toddlers lifestyle: what to do with my travel blog? I decided to turn it into a place where I can write: hone my writing skills and get feedback. The topics are often hard to find, though 😯

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