Friendly Friday Guest Post : The Story Behind The Colour Pink.

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are featuring Guest Posts from Bloggers who contribute to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge.

Here is my contribution!

You can read the beginning of my post on Amanda‘s blog. Here is the complete version.

When Amanda asked me to write a post with the prompt « Pink » my mind went in many directions first. Then I paused : what’s really my relationship with this girly colour? Let’s be honest, no matter how modern you are on the gender stereotyping theme, it will still take yonks before pink is something else than a female shade!

I grew up in the 70s though, which was supposed to be a decade of change and evolution in the matter. But my mother was rather traditional. My bedroom had a pink wall paper – until very very late. I wore pink dresses. And took ballet classes wearing a pale pink leotard and tights. In a way, pink was the colour of my childhood. All sweetness!

You want to fit in but also you want to show the world how different you are from the crowd! That’s when I started wearing very different items of clothing. I particularly loved a velvet jacket and suede tie which belonged to my grandfather – 4 sizes too big for me. The results of my combo choices were often extremely peculiar but I guess that’s how I chose to be creative at that time.

And suddenly, black was my new pink!

Pink never really came back in my wardrobe in my adult years. Except for fuchsia. Vibrant colours are what define me now. In French, we have a way to qualify vivid shades : we call them « shouting” or « yelling » tints. As if it was so bright, it could actually make an unpleasant sound… In my never-ending craving for strong saturation, I even painted my house  front wall bright pink one Saturday afternoon. My courtyard had already been indoctrinated with a mixture of bleu majorelle and anis green !

So what now? Is it still La Vie en Rose? Well the more I think about it, the more I visualise this colour as being pretty nostalgic. It belongs to the past. All I can associate pink with now is flowers. Hydrangea in Brittany, fabulous bougainvillea from the Mediterranean, peonies which I must buy next time I go to the market, prunus which transport me back into my childhood right away… Again, nostalgia!

So I wonder… What’s your own relationship to pink? Is it related to softness, and gentleness? It is a positive colour? Feminine? Does it make you travel?

I wish you all a tender calming weekend. Looking forward to see your photos and stories on Amanda’s blog.

If you would like to feature in one of the Friendly Friday Team’s Guest Posts, please contact Sandy, from (TheSandyChronicles) and Amanda, from (StPA), either by way of comment below or directly via their Blog Contact Pages.

19 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Guest Post : The Story Behind The Colour Pink.

  1. Pink is an interesting colour – in a pastel it can be soft, gentle and even have a sense of fragility to me. But it is also so strong in a bold hot pink. Above all, it is a happy colour, I think.
    Thanks for a great post, Vero.

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  2. Great to see you as a Friendly Friday guest host, Véro!

    Not a fan of wearing pink but I do like to see a splash of it, especially in nature and on buildings. I’ve got my photos selected (including of some of the flowers you mention) and will do my post today, but I’m not sure where to link to and where to leave my link in a comment: here or on Amanda’s blog? I suppose I’ll simply mention both.

    Your early life photos are marvellous and take me to some other, peaceful times.

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    1. Thank you so much for the nice comments Manja. I’ll be on the lookout for your post – I think Amanda would be more than happy to have your link on her original post (where they all are).
      Have a peaceful weekend 😉

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  3. Lovely post Vero! I like the idea of shouting colors. It’s much more graphic than ‘loud colors’ which is what I’d usually say. I wasn’t familiar with bleu majorelle until I followed the link & read about the gardens. Have you ever visited? it looks spectacular.


    1. Oh yes, I didn’t think of the “loud” colours, you’re right. But the French uses an equivalent of “shouting” – like they’re actively making too much noise!

      And yes I went to Marrakesh about 10 years ago. The Jardin Majorelle is extraordinary.

      Have a great weekend Sandy xx


      1. Now that I think about it I think she was playing hide and seek with our neighbour’s cat…
        But she loved helping painting the wall. Especially in such a strong colour!

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