Life awaits

It’s funny how this virus works… preventing human beings from enjoying their capacity to smell and taste. Why targetting these particular senses? Why not be deprived of touch,  sight, or hearing instead?

Last week I enjoyed a lovely carefree day and I wanted to make it last forever. I took every opportunity to keep this light feeling of freedom alive and decided everything surrounding me was magically perfect.

Lunch : fresh salicornia (sea asparagus), a whole black fig, pecorino, grilled green peppers and a slice of delicious sourdough grain bread. Can you feel how your tongue reacted when you read the word pecorino? And also, haven’t you started to hear the song of cicadas when remembering the taste of the fig?

Afternoon : a sand path smelling of warm pine trees led me to a secluded quiet beach where I stayed to enjoy the sun and a good book. We have this expression in French when rich aromas seem to fill all the space around you : we say “embaumer“, as if the outside of our body was embalmed with  sappy flavours of a pine forest, preserving the air around from decomposition.

Evening : to close this special day we waited for the sun to set and drove down to the nearest beach. We had seen the Neowise comet there the previous night and I was hoping I could take better pictures this time with improved camera settings. As I said to my daughter, in a few days it will fade away and disappear for the next 6000 years, I realised how surreal it was to imagine that its next trip through the inner solar system could be estimated to happen in the year 8786!

What will it look like around here then? Will there still be beaches and picnics and markets and pine trees? Just think… 6,000 years ago (4000 BC) civilizations developed in the Mesopotamia region (around the location of modern-day Iraq). It also coincides with the earliest supposed dates for the domestication of the horse and chicken, and the invention of the potter’s wheel. So just try to imagine the world keeping an extra 60 centuries in mind!!

So as I watched that night the fluorescent lights on the beach coming from a huge boombox, carefree young people enjoying their summer nights dancing and drinking while watching a strange comet in the sky, I thought about this annoying Covid19 attacking people and affecting their smell and taste.

Will the Comet returns to a world where the use of our senses has completely vanished? Will we have a mask, helmet, pair of gloves, glasses and nose clip to protect us from the air around us?

Whichever way the world is going, life awaits! So remember to turn up the music, fry garlic and onions, open the windows, ride your bike, stroke your dog, sing in the shower… And rock the apocalypse!

I need to practice my light writing…!

17 thoughts on “Life awaits

  1. Your lunch picture gave me a jolt. What you call salicornia (glasswort), I call sea asparagus or samphire. It’s something I saw for the very first time last year, on Vancouver Island on Canada’s Pacific West Coast. It’s not commonly found in markets or stores. It grows wild on the island and was picked a wild foraging, for sale in a local artisan market. Is it common where you’re from? It’s such an unusual vegetable, I didn’t know how to use it. I imagine it’d be quite tasty in your sandwich.

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    1. Thank you for the word “sea asparagus” which I didn’t know! In France, Brittany is the only area where you can find it. It’s either sold in jar (in brine) at the local supermarket or, sold fresh at the fish market. You can also use it for pickles. It’s a cheap healthy condiment.

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      1. Ive seen it in jars too. It wasnt cheap though, fresh or pickled. Weather wise, I suspect Brittany and Vancouver Island have a lot in common. Its one of the reasons my husband loves it, he has a lot of fond memories of Brittany where he went their as a kid. Have a good weekend !

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  2. Hi
    Have a good night. I appreciate. I can visite your site. I read your blog. I am so happy.I like your Habit of locked down time ective
    Thank you so much


  3. Delicious photo of the food that I took in with the senses available to me in the virtual sense. Corona is part of a group of respiratory viruses and as taste is two-thirds smell, any respiratory infection will affect those senses. I have not heard about this comet! It must not be visible down here. 6000 years – what a phenomenon! What changes life will bring if life exists here. The mind boggles to think of it.


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