18 thoughts on “Tracking your dreams: creating relevant life content

  1. I enjoyed this stream-of-consciousness you have in this post. It’s true that COVID this year has put millions of people out of work, out of their homes, etc. Just the other day, I saw a family busking in front of the grocery store (i.e. playing the accordion) for money, as they needed it for rent and food. I also work for welfare services, and it breaks my heart that the COVID situation isn’t getting any better, especially as the holidays get closer. Many of us are struggling physically and mentally, and the only way to keep on going is to hope that things will get better. Hope is all we really can do these days, but that mindset can make all the difference. Wishing you the best of luck, V. Bon courage!

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    1. I shouldn’t complain because France has been pretty generous with many out-of-job people. And you’re right, it’s really a question of mindset. There are days when it’s just more difficult to see the silver lining…
      But today, hey, it will be sunny again!
      How was your Thanksgiving?

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  2. Oh my word.. Yes 3 hours I can’t wait but having a lovely forest path hasn’t stopped me really up untill now.. ;-).. For the rest of it our ski season starting terribly but I am sure we will all bounce back when the time comes.. 😉 Take care and go outside when you can.. 😉

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      1. 800 metres from a chairlift.. I live in Montriond, Morzine in Haute Savoie, the Portes du Soleil ski domaine.. I work in the local tourist office- a seasonal job winter months and summer months.. yes no chairlifts for the first couple of weeks but can do all the other snow activities when we get snow.. 😉

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  3. my keywords: new job, career change, do I dare even say travel?? daycare for the younger child? they cancelled the Christmas market today….the rest of the world is slowly coming out of the second (semi)lockdown, we’re entering a second (semi) lockdown…and some other shitty things that happened recently too

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    1. Oh my dear Tanja I know how hard these times can be. Hang in there. Hopefully we’ll laugh at it in a couple of months? Years?…🤯 We’ll be able to gather and socialise and plan fun things to do… It’s Friday. One thing to be happy about, right!?


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