Runaway Friday


Was it the paragraph about a wide wide heaven, or was it the beautiful blue moon rising outside which made me do it, I don’t know. But It was there and it could not be repressed. The urge to be free and send everything on my way to hell.



Once I closed the door behind me, there was no turning back. I was on a quest. I wanted to find my life back and I knew the elements I was looking for were scattered all around the globe. It wasn’t only a question of kilometres or miles. It was mainly a question of perspective.

What should I take? A boat or a plane? Sailing or flying? Floating on water or floating on the clouds? Well it really depends on what I want to do first because I won’t go very far with the local ferries. Let’s see how I want to do it?

First of all, I want to have a coffee somewhere nice.

Coffee sorted out, what next? A crowd! Oh that would nice to mingle in a big group of people. To be absorbed in a big drop of humans, to feel I am part of a civilization, to see faces and smiles and frowns and wrinkles…

Or then I could to go the the beach, lie down and just listen to the conversations around me. Maybe I could just mown a little, just for the sake of it, because the person next to me decided to put their towels too close…

It’s almost the end of the day and it’ s going to get dark soon. I have just enough time to walk idly in the city in search of some good colourful street art.

And now what? Some food maybe? What’s my favourite let’s see…. Italian sandwiches? Tapas? Poutine? Poached eggs and avocado toast? American breakfast? Japanese?…. So many to choose from.

I’d better think of how I want to end the day now. Unfortunately, I can’t really run away, can I? Can’t I…

Here is to normal life outside of our protecting walls, away from Netflix nights, without masks on, involving as many people we like as possible. Here is to travels, to promiscuity, to social drinking, to noise, to busy cities…

Here is to happy years to come with photos to take and memories to cherish!

22 thoughts on “Runaway Friday

    1. I have a collaborative project I might need your help with in you fancy playing along.
      Where can I send you the details? (email? Instagram Messenger?…) – Actually, I’ve sent you a message on Instagram ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. You certainly did “run away” in your fantasies, both past and present! I pine for a coffee on a Parisian balcony once more, with views of the Haussmannian architecture below…that poutine looks divine, and it’s been a long time since I had it. I likewise “run away” with past travel photos I’ve taken, as we look forward to traveling again when things stabilize!

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  2. I love la cantine des mamas.. Some really mouth watering food and cakes. I was in san sebastian during tapas festival in Spain once. We had tapas (pintxos) for every meal for 3 days. what a treat.. I can’t wait to run away on that next adventure.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. The image of a world inhabited by people who don’t interact with eachother face to face, but through a screen and with a purpose to get things done isn’t my ideal I must confess. I personally care for human interaction. And frivolity. And pleasure of being with somebody without any purpose.
    I’m a social mammal. I live in a colony and need to exhibit a social behaviour. I need to touch and by touched. I need so smell and listen. I need to share conversations in real life. I need to meet (nice!) people and share activities with them. I need investment and cooperation.

    Will numerous lockdowns push the individuals to associate only for courtship and mating, living apart from the rest of the species? The bare minimal for survival??
    Yes I know I’m pushing it a bit far… But that’s what it looks like to me right now. Highway to hell.

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  4. I really like how you’ve shaped this post, although it’s a bitter-sweet read. I’d love to be able to take the train to Paris to eat croissants, or fly somewhere new and exotic to explore a different culture. Closer to home I want to see my friends, have relaxed social times together. Here’s hoping that 2021 will bring the relief we all need!

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