It’s that time of the year again

La Bonne Mère

Fellow blogger Yuri reminded me in his friendly and positive last post that it was time to start looking back on 2020 and try to see a silver lining in this big scribble of a year. As I was reading and checking the links he shared to other blogs he’s been following, I started to recollect my favourite inspirations sources. I’m a little jealous of all of you who managed to stay stimulated during this challenging year, producing clever photo challenges, imaginative stories and interesting photos. I’m also thinking of another blogger who unfortunately is far too discrete and scarce since this summer – yes Alex , I’m talking about you!!


Shake it baby – LG

I don’t really know what makes me more frustrated in this creative process : is it the fact my new rural environment is too bland and flat for me, or it is my photographer’s vision which has already experienced every angles and perspectives? Sincerely, I’ve felt limited.

I don’t edit much. I don’t have any fancy software or cool app. I play with the basic light/contrast buttons, and that’s it. My digital camera is an old Olympus SP550UZ which is loosing the plot most of the time! My actual phone is a cheap Huawei. Welcome to the land of sub-zero technology crafted photos!

Before these actual tools, I used to have an iPhone 4S, a challenging courtesy HP phone, and much adored LG phone which got stolen. Needless to say, these is not a proper photographer gear which could lead to professional looking shots.


iPhone 4S


But I’ve loved playing with cheap mobile phones and my pathetic looking camera whose protective rubber had been chewed by our dog years ago! It’s craftsmanship! It’s a game with no rules. It’s pure fun.

Success! My first bokeh for a Flickr challenge!!! Olympus SP550UZ ƒ/4.3 22.4 mm 1/4 250 iso

Photo selected for a local Instagram exhibition in Marseille

Choosing some photos for a cafe

But I’ve lost my mojo, as well as the will, and the like. This year, I posted “only” 137 on Instagram which for me indicates a poorly stimulated sense of inspiration. Insta is not the playground it used to be and it will never be the passionate community Flickr was. But still… It’s my mood board. My illustrated wordless diary. And it seems, not only was I lost for words, but I was also lost for images…

On this collage, we have sunsets and one gorgeous local sunrise, 2 shots from Menton, NYC in February, and then lockdown pieces. Anything which happened before March feels like it belongs to another life. I wish nothing more than experience the pleasure of playing with the elements surrounding me like I used to…

Playing with a challenging HP mobile phone camera

Getting a twisted shades photo with my LG GT400

Playing with light and shadows – LG

So here is to 2021! May it be filled with a new scenery, new skies, new suns, new lights… May my eyes be dazzled by unexpected images… May I be amazed or surprised…


iPhone 4S back




“The creative adult is the child who survived.” Maybe that’s what happened to me, stuck in my blurry aquarium with my copper diving helmet on. The adult in me has been allocated too much space!! And hopefully it will soon be easier to turn insignificant ordinary moments into special sparkly ones.

Rainbows and fireworks to you all my creative virtual friends!

10 thoughts on “It’s that time of the year again

  1. Another great post V. Don’t beat yourself up about having professional gear. Content matters above all and whatever speaks to you personally. If you’re able to translate and convey emotions through cheaper or simple cameras or phones than you have what you need! At the end of the day, it’s just a tool, the rest is done by your eyes and mind 🙂
    Appreciate the mention V, rainbows and fireworks indeed!

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  2. You have some great images here V. Gear – cheap or otherwise – is not an inhibitor to talent. Converse is true too 😉 Despite what you see, all of us feel the ups & downs of this wretched pandemic. The good news? There’s light at the end and there’s only one way up to go, right?!! Wishing you the best, Sandy

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  3. Your photos are incredible! I like how you pay attention to the details of everyday objects, all the while maximizing their colors and vivacity. I’m pretty simple with my landscape or food photos, so I bow down to you, Master! It really is true that this year’s pandemic limited us with our adventures outside, but taking in the beauty of the little things every day in one’s house can spark some surprising inspirations. J’espère que tu auras plus des aventures l’année prochaine!

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  4. I love the pics (so your pics are on display at a cafe? cool!) and especially the Marseille winning one: it looks like a scene from some imaginative fantasy book about circuses and magic and something a bit dark or mysterious……
    Also love the words and the last quote!
    I had an Olympus camera and I loved the way it rendered colors very brightly, didn’t need much editing. Unlike my iphone pics now which look flat and dull if not edited! But like you, I sometimes feel I’ve already explored all the angles that exist…


    1. In 2013 Marseille was the European Capital of Culture which meant a year-long series of cultural events – most of them free of charge. That’s when I took the photo with the torches. I can’t believe it was almost 10 years ago. Sadly, it feels like sci-fi now..

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