Favourite Image of 2020

** My 2020 favourite photo **

I often read too late the prompt for photo challenges which I wish I took part in so when I read Patti ‘s Lens-Artists Challenge #129 I thought I might find a photo or two for that theme. Hello 2021 resolutions!

Patti said she found some tranquility by focusing on the present moment and blocking out her worries about the future. More than ever I intend to keep on doing the same. Search. Focus, focus, focus on positivity by any means….

My happy thoughts for 2020 take me instantly to NYC, the only possible trip abroad I made this year. A friend kindly lent me her Canon Powershot SX540 knowing I might feel frustrated to have only my mobile phone to play with. Gratefulness.


24 thoughts on “Favourite Image of 2020

  1. Well, not sure what happened to my comment but trying again! My thought was that it takes a person from France to find a beautiful new way to capture Lady Liberty, and I thought that one was really special. I also loved the “man in the middle” – very clever. If you want to get a jump on our challenge in the future just follow the instructions here. https://travelsandtrifles.wordpress.com/2018/06/30/come-join-us-a-new-weekly-photo-challenge/ We’d love to have you join us more often! Thanks and Happy 2021 to you and yours. (please don’t run away from home!!)

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    1. Thank you so much. I’ll read the instructions next time. I’m always a little impulsive and jump right in before checking if it’s allowed to swim 😉


  2. When did you visit NYC? Was in 2020? If so, you’re really lucky to have squeezed it in, especially when three-quarters of the year was spent in uncertainty and COVID-19. Glad to see you writing again, et je te souhaite une belle journée (dès que tu liras ce commentaire)!

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    1. We went there in February, before it all started. We were all still innocent back then!!
      J’ai décidé de commencer la nouvelle année sous le signe de la créativité et de la positivité! Bonne journée à toi aussi Rebecca xx

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