14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

      1. My pleasure. I enjoy reading about and seeing photos of France. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law live in the Franche-Comté and until last year, I’ve enjoyed a yearly visit. They used to live in Provence and of course that was wonderful also. One year we spent a few days in Normandy at and around Omaha beach where my father-in-law landed on D-Day (and lived.) What an experience that was! I hope to get to Brittany one day as well but in the meantime I’ll enjoy your look at it and other places.

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      2. I used to to live in Provence too. There are some astonishing places to visit there.
        Brittany is very different – in many ways.

        How come your sister/brother in law lived in so many different places in France?


      3. I’m not sure why they initially chose to live in Provence but they moved to the Franche-Comté partly because there were a lot of problems with the gypsies where they lived. Houses were being broken into and when their house was broken into and the intruders attempted to tase their Rhodesian Ridgebacks, they’d had enough. The Franche-Comté was closer to where my b-i-l law was working at the time.

        I loved the markets in Provence, the wineries, and the lavender. What made you decide to move to Brittany?

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      4. I understand. Unfortunately, many places in Provence are plagued with insecurity problems. We were living right in the centre of Marseille and although our house was never broken into, we got really fed up with the general violent atmosphere.
        That’s when we moved to Brittany. Our daughter was about to start middle school and it felt more of a calming environment for her. Also we had fell in love with the North Coast of Quebec a few years before and Finistère in Brittany is what resembles this area the most in France!
        We were basically looking for a soothing new place where to live, dreaming of a garden filled with vegetables, plenty of space for our dogs, long walks on deserted beaches, a dreamy rural community life….
        Now 6 years later, i’m longing for sun, concrete, urban buzz, noise, life…

        Trying to live as many lives as possible!!


    1. Oui c’est mon nouveau style!! Non pas de neige (ça doit être un effet d’optique). Ici il fait trop doux, il neige très rarement.
      Bonne journée Rebecca. (I was wondering, do you go by Becca or anything shorter than Rebecca?)

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