I am, I am, I am

DO LIFE. NOT CHEESE the vegan website said…

Mother’s Day picnic

Back from the market

Late summer lunch

Yesterday, I had a shitty day. There is no other way to qualify it.

It seemed there were too many choices to make, too many impossible options to select. I felt engulfed.

Then the evening came and I started a new book. I’ve borrowed two from the library and had finished the first one the previous night. I usually don’t borrow novels. Just sewing books, travel guides, anything to do with art, Japan, cooking, DVDs… but not novels. When I read fiction, I don’t treat books well. It’s rough love between me and the pages. The more I like a book, the more I will fold pages, and bend the cover. So preferably, I read books I own.

It’s a fairly recent thing for me. I used to love only movies and tv series. Visual stories. And suddenly, at 40+, I started sharing my love for fiction between films and books, discovering the pleasure to befriend characters who will make me sad when we part, when our relationship reaches the last page.

I’m still a slow reader, slightly disabled by many years of not focusing on thousands of lines where sentences can’t be missed. Maybe I suffered from reading ADD? Is that a thing?

Anyway, yesterday I started Maggie O’Farrell’s I am, I am, I am a memoir where the author relates seventeen encounters with death, visceral snapshots from her life at different ages, described with a candid feminine voice. I read the two first ones. Then switched off the lights because it was bedtime. And obviously my mind wandered, slightly affected by these first souvenirs of hers…

This morning, I started my day, determined not to feel the same detestable emotions I had to endure the day before. I plan to have a bath. Go and buy a postcard for Janet. Maybe shoot a good photo for Sarah’s feel-good Facebook group. I also checked WordPress and read a comment by the lovely Jules about vegan cheese.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m a foodie, a slightly cliché kind of a boho French woman! For me, life is all about wine and cheese picnics. My religion is worshipping a beautiful plate of artisan products. I envisage my own death, seating on the bank of the Seine (the Right Bank obviously!), on a summer evening, watching the Bateaux Mouches glowing as they pass by, listening to some kind of a band playing in the background on the other side, tipsy with a half-empty glass of Médoc in my hand, looking at the display next to me, an almost perfect instagram flat lay, with an organic saucisson, some kind of sourdough bread, and a variety of well-chosen cheese.

I am, I am I am a cheese lover.

And now, I’ll run myself a bath. But it’s too early for a piece of raw-milk camembert…

28 thoughts on “I am, I am, I am

    1. It was a very good idea indeed. Thank you for your nice comments.
      I also went to buy some lovely colourful pastries for dinner. It will be a good start for the weekend. Hope you have a lovely one 😉

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  1. Oh, my, all of this and a glass of a good red…heaven. Then perhaps a fruit tart or some other not-too-sweet dessert. Double heaven. Covid, covid, go away, so I can get to France to eat another day. Please!!

    Card is in the mail. 🙂


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    1. Hey Janet, love the mini made-up song!!
      Yes fruit tart seems perfect for me. Or maybe just a few ripe apricots or a bunch of cherries…

      Card is on my coffee table… Will be sent on Monday 😉

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    1. Just like you, I eat very little meat. Just a treat every once in a while. But I would be devastated if I had to quit dairy product one day. Although, I’d get used to it, but what a drag!

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  2. I started picking up reading again in the past few months, after taking a long break from it. It’s crazy, because I was an English major in university, and I read a ton of books for my studies. This time around, I have more time to slow down and take in each page of whatever book I’m reading…I start simple with less-cumbersome ones (e.g. young-adult fiction) that aren’t overly too complicated to think about, yet still enthrall you with their plots. Start small, and reading will become pleasurable again!

    PS I miss French cheese DEARLY. You can’t get unpasteurized cheese in the US (which I personally believe taste better than pasteurized), and I crave a good Camembert or Saint-Nectaire from time to time! Bonne dégustation!

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    1. There’s nothing quite like unpasteurized cheese! At this time of the year ( if that was a normal year!!) I’d be planning to go skiing for a day or two near Gap in the Alpes de Hautes Provence. On my way back down from the station, I’d stop at the local fromagerie (https://www.fromagerie-ebrard.com ) and buy some of their amazing yogurts and fresh tome (if any, because it’s more of a summer thing)…
      Aaaah I’m hungry again!

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  3. Good for you for finding different approaches to set yourself up for on a happy path. I will draw some inspiration from it 🥰

    Wow, you really trailed off the beaten path 😂 Good for you!

    On another note, I just nominated you for the Outstanding Blogger Award. I have grown to love your blog and our interactions over the last couple of months. I hope that you accept this nomination and look forward to reading your answers 💕


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    1. Thank you so much. I’ve seen your message during the weekend and was really happy about it.
      My “community” apart from You and Rebecca is mainly composed of mature women (to be politically correct!!) and I think I’ll struggle making them play the game if I nominated any of them.
      But I promise I’ll make something out from your nomination 😉 Just give me a couple of days.


  4. They say we taste with our eyes as well as our mouths VO and if so your picnics would be incredibly delicious! Perhaps it’s unfair of me but having lived in France while a student it seems to me the French are much more conscious of food’s beauty and give it the respect it richly deserves. As for books, sadly although I am generally a voracious reader, the pandemic has affected my ability to concentrate. I’ve started books several times and simply have no interest in finishing them. Perhaps that will end when the pandemic does, hopefully sooner than later.


    1. I know what you mean Tina about books and staying concentrated these days. I realise in my case that turning to tv or Netflix in the evening has a pretty negative effect on me as I end up hoping being engulfed inside the fiction in order to disappear from reality together. So in the end, reading works better. I manage to stay rooted in reality while enjoying a few pages of escapism!
      Stay safe.

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  5. Gorgeous food photos!! “For me, life is all about wine and cheese picnics. ” – oohla, this sounds so good. I am adopting this as an Asian, wine and cheese on my balcony because it is just too hot to picnic out there in the tropics. I hope you have wonderful day always. 🙂

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