Covering Letter for my next life

To whom it may concern

Having succeeded more or less with accepting the challenge of spicing up an average background in my previous life with proven success mother/daughter/partner roles, I am looking to transition into my next life and believe I would make a great fit for something a little different. The non-advertised position of all round Wonderwoman you might be in need of is, I feel, just for me.

I understand the position could demand appropriate experience and to address those demands, I can demonstrate the following attributes that I feel make me suitable for this new life.  My on-the-job experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set including first-rate communication and organisational abilities. I possess the creativity, energy, and motivational skills required to thrive in any role and I would make a strong contribution to rainbow chasing duties.

Highlights of my qualifications include … Hum I’ll come back to that in a minute. But my cheerful personality with a dry sense of humour will I am sure be appreciated. Or not. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea! Anyway with my experience and credentials, I am more than prepared to dedicate myself to the highest standards, creating a flabbergasting new life story, organising personal upgrading tasks, looking after a family and a few good friends, keeping everything in good running order. I look forward to discussing my qualifications in detail.

I am extremely enthusiastic about starting afresh, leaving behind the Covid mess (you pushed it a little with that virus if you’re asking me…) and would welcome the opportunity to contribute to a better scenario this time – that is if you accept a couple of new terms in our contract.

Enclosed please find my requests. If they are acceptable to you, please sign and return to my office home via fax email. Once I receive the signed contract from you, I will be all yours and you can switch on the new life template.

  • Although I’ve loved being French, I’m willing to try something different. Given the last four years you might find my choice a little odd but I’ve always wondered “what if?”. I would like to experiment with being an American woman this time! There, said!
  • Speaking of which, I took the liberty to investigate where could be a stimulating site for my new existence. Here is a list of places I would fancy. Let me know what you think of my choices. Hopefully, something is available in this area for me:

Portsmouth, NH

Newburyport, MA

Rockport, Maine

Cape Cod, and Martha’s Vineyard

Stonington Borough, Connecticut

  • Now about my job. I don’t know if you’ve planned some future “glitches” again like WW3 or Pandemic 2 or a some kind of a serious version of Mars Attack maybe, but I’m really longing for stability. First of all, could I please be trained properly at school this time. Could I be more serious and diligent? Maybe you could find a way to make me understand knowledge doesn’t have to be boring. But please, no return to the future! This time, I want to be able to have an internet access for my studies! Career wise it’s up to you. Apart from jobs as a sales representative or anything to do with marketing, administrative employee, doctor (blood is no bueno), Maths teacher, Project manager, whatever manager, telephone customer service representative, pork scratching spotter etc. Actually, I do have a few suggestions here. Actress would be fun (relatively good and fairly famous but known for my Sundance Festival alternative roles!). Leader of a rock band (playing drums and guitar at least). Truck driver (traveling the country), Legal Assistant specialised in genealogy, building doorwoman (but only in New York)… Anything artistic will do. Or meaningful.
  • Oh one last thing. Straight normal hair this time please!

Please review my attached cv and two character reference letters with additional details regarding my personality.  I’d better start looking for these now as a matter of fact!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely

34 thoughts on “Covering Letter for my next life

  1. I love this! Whenever you are ready, in this life, to come over, I am ready!! I notice that Florida is not on the list. However you may want to make a short pit stop for old time’s sake. I have enjoyed reading your proposal and need to tell you…..Straight normal hair is NOT what it’s cracked up to be! Love, Elizabeth

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    1. Hey great surprise to see you here!!!
      I’d love the Floridian weather but I’m not ready to become a southern girl. And it’s not just an accent thing πŸ˜….
      Hopefully we’ll meet again anyway., Wherever.
      And afro style is not practical let me tell you!!


    1. Pork scratching spotter came up in a list of the most boring jobs I found on the internet. Although I didn’t agree with all the jobs listed, that particular one did not tempt me at all!!!


      1. What does a pork scratching spotter even do? For five days a week and eight hours a day, his/her responsibility will be to ensure no hairy pork scratchings make it into the packaging.


  2. So you want to be an artistic American woman living in Maine and anywhere on the North Atlantic seaboard. And the job of pork scratching spotter is a deal-breaker. OK. OK. That’s too bad. I had that position available but .. yeap, Eleanor just took it.

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  3. Clever take on a cover letter! I’ve never been to Martha’s Vineyard, but I’ve heard good things about the place. Very happy that you’re considering your next life to be in the US; I know of many who would rather not choose to relocate here, due to the shape of our nation at the moment. But I’m glad it touches you. πŸ™‚ And although I personally believe that we ought to appreciate this current life, as it’s the only one we can truly feel conscious in, I hope your next life will be just as fruitful as this one!

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    1. Well, The U.S. have been my very first foreign love affair so I want to give it a chance as a local!!!
      The after-life (and before-life!!) is an extraordinary fantasy? I’m not religious in any way as you know but I love the idea we all come back endlessly in some way. Aren’t there any places which make you feel uncomfortable for no reason. Or, on the contrary, areas of the world which are very dear to your heart although you’ve never been? Maybe this is just all in my head, with that hyperactive imagination of mine πŸ˜‰ And maybe not…!
      When I am an old lady, I hope I’ll be able to focus on what’s next instead of moaning that it will soon be the end of it all.

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  4. I love this! It made me smile and it made me think πŸ™‚ Interesting that you fancy a change from being French. I’d like a change from being English, and I’d pick French instead I think – but only if I can live in the centre of Paris in a very chic apartment. Or Italian and living in Bologna (the food!!), or if American then in a loft in SoHo or similar πŸ™‚

    My other requests would be an ability to sing next time around please πŸ˜‰ And job-wise, if there’s a vacancy anywhere for travel photographer I’m in!!

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  5. Great post! I loved it. We all have what if’s and think about how things could be different. But you probably don’t want to come to the US right now. Too much turmoil and unrest. But if you do, think about California. We have so many National Parks, etc. Take care and stay safe.

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    1. Well I guess no country is perfect – especially these days anyway so here or there won’t make much difference!!!
      I’ll stick to my plan for my application and I’ll keep California in mind for a vacation – in this lifetime!

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