UPDATE : Bloggers with a view – February project


Join us this month with a selection of clips taken from paths all around the world.

For many of us, 2020 meant we had to forget about traveling or rethink how far we wanted to go.

This winter, we can all help eachother take an express trip around the world. Our first video montage was great fun and some of us – me included – seem to expect we could do it again. So Amanda took care of a second one with the theme “morning”!

For our third collaboration here are the bloggers who agreed to share a clip:

FINLAND The Life and Travels of Mrs Suvi, , AUSTRALIA Something to Ponder About, NYC Wandering Explorer Travel, COLORADO I Choose This, LOS ANGELES Rebecca Goes Rendezvous, OREGON Go Jules Go, CANADA The Sandy Chronicles, ENGLAND Travel With Me, and many newcomers from Canada Suitcase Travel, The Widow Badass Blog, Retirement Reflections

(Here where we’ll take you)

The theme for February will be PATH.

26 thoughts on “UPDATE : Bloggers with a view – February project

  1. Searching through my archive one thing becomes clear – I don’t take videos while walking 😆 I shoot videos of other people moving (dancers, musicians); of other things moving (waterfalls); I shoot them from boats and trains, and sometimes even planes. But I don’t move, so a path video from me seems unlikely – sorry 😦

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      1. Yes, we’re in lockdown at least through February. I did shoot a video walking through our local park last weekend but I sent that to Amanda for her ‘Morning’ theme! I’ll try to do another that isn’t too similar one day soon 😀

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      2. If this doesn’t sound too weird, I shot some footage on this morning’s permitted exercise walk in our local cemetery. We sometimes go there on a weekend as it’s much less crowded than the parks. Let me know if you’d like it 🙂

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    1. Super j’ai hâte! J’ai fait un clip vendredi lorsqu’il faisait beau prés de chez moi (au cas où on serait à nouveau confiné!!!). Je voudrais en faire un autre sur un autre sentier mais j’attends le soleil 😉

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      1. Canva is an excellent app. I had the free version – I think it was an Aussie who came up with it! I used an opensource video editor called kdenlive for this. I couldn’t add background music so added in more text between the videos. A new skill to learn.

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      2. If you do it again, I guess you’ll see just like me how easy it is to improve with each video. Whether it’s filming or editing, we’re all going to benefit from these projects because one idea leads to another one… and I’m sure we’ll get better with each step taken 😉

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  2. What an awesome concept. I loved watching Morning View. I am just about to do a socially-distanced hie with a fellow Vancouver Island blogger (Widow BadAss). We will walk on numerous paths during this hike. I will shoot a quick video, following your specifications, and send it in to you.

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