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“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”

― Rumi

Saturday… come rain or shine, I’m at the local library. Well, when I say local, I mean the city library – one-hour drive away from home. That’s where I get my weekly fix: people, books, culture, life…

As usual, I bring back what I’ve borrowed the previous week, collect what I’ve reserved, have a look at the magazines, check the sewing and cooking books then take everything up on the 3rd floor, settle at my favourite table to read or write while watching the people around me. If available, we always take the table in the back corner – it’s usually for 1 (in honour of one of the numerous Covid rules) but the lady in charge in this area know the three of us belong to the same family so it’s no big deal if there are not 2 meters in between us. Soon I’m joined by my daughter. Hubby always takes longer to select what he is going to take and spend at least one hour in the music department.

Damned… new lady in charge today! She rushes towards us to inform our duo we need to go to a bigger table. I smile and say “don’t worry, we’re from the same family” but just like a robot she repeats with a gold-fish expression (yes, really!) “yeh, but you need to go to a bigger table”. End of the conversation.

I feel my nerves getting high instantly and as quickly as that, I don’t want to whisper and smile anymore. I want to shout and shake her energetically by the shoulders while taking off my mask to yell “for fuck sake, we live together and what’s the big deal if we sit together here. Will you all give me a break with all your rules and silly restrictions? How long is it going to last? How long will I have to respect orders like a child? How long before we can go back to normal”… But instead, I just roll my eyes, grin and move respectfully.

I sit down at “the bigger table” scattering the books noisily, and open my computer. I get my earphones and put some Johnny Flynn on – hoping to relax.

Will you search through the lonely earth for me?
Climb through the briar and bramble
I’ll be your treasure I felt the touch of the kings and the breath of the wind
I knew the call of all the song birds
They sang all the wrong words
I’m waiting for you
I’m waiting for you

That’s the theme from “Detectorists”. The plot of this British tv series revolves around the lives, loves and metal detecting ambitions of Andy and Lance. Thinking of this bitter sweet comedy staring the weirdly charming Mackenzie Crook makes me think of Jules’ last post about The Dig, a Netflix production where a wealthy British widow hires an amateur excavator/archaeologist to dig up these odd, massive hills dotting her property; she suspects they could be covering up something of historic significance.

In both series, I’m touched by way The Past becomes a proper character, treated with tenderness and care.

I can’t help but put into perspective what we’re dealing with right now. It’s amazing how many bloggers have recently been scraping from the past slices of travels and lives which don’t exist anymore.  We too have old treasures to look for and slightly frustrating (even unsatisfactory if you ask me!) lives to run away from. Ironically, I realised earlier this week, that 20 years ago, in February 2001, I was leaving for a five-month trip around India and have thought too I should write a post about it.

But instead, hoping to take a break from the new restrictive lives we have to get used to these days, I’d rather have an imaginary walk with you all. And perhaps next month, I’ll invite you to an imaginary dinner party! You might not be literally feel you’re walking these paths, but the clips were beautifully chosen and recorded and I hope your mind will travel the world for the next 3 minutes. Hopefully you’ll see it’s not just a video; it’s a connection, an in-between universe where we are focusing on the beauty of our own countries and our present real lives. Hopefully you’ll see our genuine will to share a little bit of it.

Here is to simpler times and a gentle future for us all!

Thank you ladies (in no particular order!)

FINLAND The Life and Travels of Mrs Suvi,

 AUSTRALIA Something to Ponder About,

NYC Wandering Explorer Travel,

COLORADO I Choose This,

LOS ANGELES Rebecca Goes Rendezvous,

OREGON Go Jules Go,

CANADA The Sandy Chronicles,

ENGLAND Travel With Me,

POLAND Lost in Pretty Europe

 and new team players from Canada Suitcase TravelThe Widow Badass BlogRetirement Reflections

And thanks again Rosie for the song.

Here is the February Project : Bloggers with a View, choosing a path…

97 thoughts on “Bloggers with a View – Path

  1. Wow what amazing places we live in ❤️ Thank you for taking the time to make the video 🙏 And I’m with you with the rules, it’s getting very tiring to abide by them, when will this all end…. I can see people all over who just can’t be bothered any longer and that’s worrying too.

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  2. Wow, you’re getting more & more better at this! Maybe there’s a new profession here for you?!!

    The Pathway compilation looks fabulous and as usual, Rosie does a sweet song background. Congratulations on another job well done & Many thanks to all the video contributors.

    On Covid & restrictions, hang in there Vero. Soon you’ll look back and claim victory over terrible days of a global pandemic. You’ll even have these video and blog posts to prove it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If only!!!!
      I really wanted to take the time and make the video something which would be watched until the end. I’m glad it shows, thank you 😉
      You’re right, these videos will be special once we’ve passed the stage of the pandemic in which we are glued right now.

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      1. What tool are you using for video edit? And what platform? I play around with video but have been unsatisfied with my tools. I don’t use iOS so I’d like a recommendation beyond iMovie.

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      2. I was going to say iMovie……….!!!! Sorry, I’m a big fan of iOS devices when it comes to being creative!
        Apart from that, I use good old CANVA which has a lot to offer, even with a free account.

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      3. All my tech devices are letting me down…. My MacBook is almost 10 years old, my low-cost phone is a 99% full-memory Huawei, my camera is a joke…. so anything I manage to get out of all this is purely ” du bidouillage” as we say in French – ask your husband for an equivalent!!


  3. Oh this is so gorgeous! I can’t wait to share! Also I need to go check out Rosie – I’m in love with her voice! Thank you so much for reminding us of the light at the end of the tunnel. This blog post was beautiful, too!

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    1. I agree with you. Ann-Kathrin’s view is exquisite!
      Speaking of the next collab, maybe I could do a little Instagram survey with a few ideas and see what our little community fancies?

      Unless one of you guys out there want to take care and host the next Blogger With a View?!

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      1. I remember it being so hot in Krakow in mudsummer 2016 I took refuge in a hotel foyer. It was 37 degrees. That is just like Australia.
        You would love it here, Pooja! One day you must come and visit me.

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  4. Hi Vero. The restrictions are becoming too much for most people. I strictly followed them the first 3 months with just trips to the grocery store once every 10 days, but this whole thing never seems to end. Life was a bit normal in summer but we’re back to the strict restrictions again in Poland since autumn.
    As for the walks around the world, awesome job! You’ve also made me realize that I miss blogging and should probably get back to it 🙂 Naturally I love all the sunny paths, the one from LA and Brooklyn with that glorious sun is just awesome ❤ Colorado looks so beautiful! Paths from Australia and Brittany by the sea – such beautiful places ❤ ❤

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    1. Oh I’m so glad you’re thinking of blogging again Pooja. It does help with keeping a certain sense of normality when we’re overwhelmed with so many rules.
      To be honest, I spent my Sunday on Netflix all day yesterday because I needed to vanish into fiction. At least, with blogging, you stay grounded 😉
      Thanks again for joining in one more time.


  5. You’ve done a great job on this – I love the variety of paths and the song is perfect 🙂

    Thanks too for the mention of the Detectorists’ theme tune – I love that song too but had never got around to checking it out. That was such a great programme, and so very English 😆 Our libraries are closed under lockdown (apart from click and collect) but I enjoyed reading about how much they mean to you. Did I tell you yet that I used to be a librarian (children’s librarian to be specific?) And I helped lead national library policy here for a while. I’m a great believer in the power not just of books but also the library as a community resource so it’s lovely to hear about how you use it. I’d be having words with that staff member about her attitude however. None of us need jobsworths at the moment, life is tough enough as it is!

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    1. I didn’t know you were a librarian. Do check the photos when googling ” Médiathèque municipale François Mitterrand – Les Capucins “. This place is everything you’re mentioning: powerful, intelligent, communal… It is located in a former neglected part of the city. Luckily it is open for everybody who wishes to come in, enjoy the place, read magazines, chill… Then if you’re getting the card, you can borrow books etc, use a computer, ask for a work space (a table or a little private office), play video games, use one of the pianos with a headset…. So many fantastic ideas in order to gather as many people as possible.
      Although it is an hour away from where we live, we drive there every Saturday because “it talks to us”.
      “Detectorists” was another clever ENGLISH programme (hurray for that!!). I started watching it when trying this peculiar hobby with my former brother-in-law who had been doing it for a while. It is truly a fabulous activity if you’re doing it with passionate people.

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  6. I am enjoying your blog very much indeed. Great writing and photos and links. Will follow. As regards the following of rules, I have no problem as long as the rules make sense and often in these Covid times the rules have not made sense at all. We are in total lockdown in Ireland since 1 January and going on and on…. Anyway like you and so many I too have lots of great memories of my travels. Kind regards, Agnes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much Agnes for your message. I feel for you, January 1st…. ouch that is a long time!!!
      Where in Ireland do you live. I used to be a “regular” at Cork – well Ringaskidy to be honest, working for Brittany Ferries.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh how nice to travel between Brittany and Cork, did you enjoy? I live in West Cork in the little town of Skibbereen which is about 91 km from Cork city. I had to think of Cork library while reading your blog as I used to sometimes go there too. Luckily we have very good libraries at our doorstep 🙂

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      2. I’ve done the crossing dozens of times during the past 3 years. The sea isn’t always friendly I must confess!!

        Good libraries is a must-have especially if you live in a village. That’s really my opinion.

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      3. I remember one passenger two years ago, a French woman traveling with her family. Poor thing, she had been sick all night long and by the next morning she told me there was no way she’d do it again on the way back. She was determined to book a plane ticket for herself for the following week!

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    1. How great!!! That’s the point of it all.
      Sandy will be back with a new collaborative vlog at the ned of this month, then I take over for the first weekend of March. Feel free to join in our team if you feel inspired by the prompts. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Quite obviously I loooooooove the subject you chose for this first attempt. And the result is very professional looking. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to produce for our next collaborative vlog.


    1. Librairies were completely closed during our first strict lockdown, and again for the second one but then you could do “click & collect”. Unfortunately our library is so far away, the restrictions didn’t allow us to drive that far away from home….. I’m relieved right now, we’re “just” struggling with the 6pm curfew…
      Hang in there. I know how tough it can be.


    1. Thank you so much for this kind words Erica. It has been a very complicated period for all of us, wherever we live. It has personally helped me a great deal to focus on these small collaborative projects instead of worrying about the future. The fact that the videos are touring and being appreciated is the delicious cherry on the cake!! 😉

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