18 thoughts on “Ice, ice, baby!

      1. It’s freezing! Literally – I don’t think day time temperatures have got above 0 degrees all week, which is very unusual in the south of the country. But much milder weather is promised for next week 🙂

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  1. Beautiful pictures Vero!
    I am less enthused about winter ice. I’d prefer -25C cold to ice and sleet. Worst thing ever is to go to the parking lot after a long day at work, and find your car totally encased in a layer of ice! Then you spend the next 30 minutes chipping away at the door and windshield. Brrrr! Confinement sounds good then!


    1. THAT’S THE GOOD THING ABOUT LIVING HERE: it is so exceptional, everything has stopped!!! No school, no more transports, no market… Friday was cancelled!!
      When it’s not a lockdown, it’s the weather forecast!!!

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  2. Beautiful shots, V. I know ice can be bad for whatever it hangs on (and worse if it falls on something or someone) but it’s gorgeous. Monday I’m driving to Flagstaff to meet a fellow blogger and there will be SNOW!! I’m so excited. It’s frigid back in Illinois where we were living but I loved winter.



  3. Wow, the details are INCREDIBLE; you must have a powerful camera to capture the interior of ice, which looks crackling and ready to splinter at any moment. You’ve definitely captured the beauty of the cold! ❤


    1. I love the fact we’ve been collaborating so well this winter, supporting each others with these vlogs and entertaining a little part of the WordPress community. It’s a great feeling. Thanks for the nice comments 😉


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