A centaur, tsunamis and a Japanese rat

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had very rich dreams. Depending on the stability of my life and how overwhelmed I am with existence, my “sleep” life is usually an imaginative visual feast halfway between David Lynch or Tim Burton’s imagery. My mother has always rolled her eyes when I mentioned some of them to her, calling me disturbed or deranged – as an inappropriate joke – looking at me as if I was always overdoing it. A dream diva!

Last night, a rat seemed to have moved in my brain – or was it my heart, I can’t remember? It wasn’t gore or disgusting. It looked like a picture from a children’s book, something as cute as a Japanese drawing. Do you know Kazuo Iwamura and his adorable family of mice? I used to read his illustrated stories to my daughter .

Anyway, back to my rat. Although his nest inside one major part of my body looked adorable, it was still a rat. And a big one with a long black tail! But I won’t go into some cheap analysis of the significance of my fantastical stories.

When I saw these exquisite designs by artist Michaël Cailloux I instantly felt like I was back in one of my dreams…

My partner rarely dreams – well, rarely remembers his dreams. How weird! To me, not living a nocturnal parallel life full of adventures and bizarre encounters is like a disability really! It’s like an empty box in a huge chest of drawers. There’s something missing.

My daughter on the contrary seem to have inherited my delirious imagination and special way to process her stress. Her dreams are full of recurrent tsunamis, or threatening waves… Dealing with disturbing feelings and emotions when highly sensitive has the benefit of producing an extraordinary vivid world in bright Technicolor at night! But sometimes, dreams can be so intense, you wake up in the morning completely exhausted.

I like that my inner world is alive and present! I’ve recently read in an article about those who utilize dream journaling and they report having, after a while, the ability to have some control over the “story”. How dreadful!

Have I told you about that huge centaur who visited me last week?…

9 thoughts on “A centaur, tsunamis and a Japanese rat

  1. OMW I always say that to people.. My dreams are so real and intense I wake up exhausted.. I meet people in a dream and they reappear years later in a dream and my mind shifts back to the initial dream effortlessly.. I remember exactly where and how..

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  2. I love that short opening video 🙂 I remember many of my dreams when I wake up but unfortunately they’re not as exotic as yours sound. I seem to have a habit of dreaming about being on some form of transport – plane, train, ship. I’m sure there are those who would tell me the significance of that, beyond a simple interest in travelling 😆


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