It doesn’t take much…

Yesterday was a good day. It wasn’t about It-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named. It was spent looking outside, waiting for Santa to drop by on our lawn.

The previous night, forecast were warning : the SNOW is on its way! Because it is a very rare thing here in Brittany (Far-west coastal tip of France), everything stopped. There won’t be buses. There won’t be school. We went to bed, already looking forward to the morning, imagining how wonderful it would be to open the shutters and discover a white garden…

But nothing.

The morning was spent checking every 5 minutes if a flake or two were flying by.


And then I swear I could hear the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah coming from the fields around. Snow!!! First, little flakes. Then bigger ones. A pause. And finally it snowed properly. It was the most beautiful thing I had seen for months!

We spent the day doing what you do in a case like this. Enjoy!!! Play outside, drink tea, bake a chocolate cake, do an upside-down snowman – apparently a yogi snowman! – take photos, drink some more tea…

Then the night came. Although the curfew had already started (at 6pm all over France), we went outside to fight the icy wind, walk in the village, take some more photos. It felt like the magic spell would be broken the next morning so we had to enjoy it to the last minute.

Like a dream

This morning, the snow was still here, but already melting. Anyway, the atmosphere was light and cheerful. Still no bus or school! The wind wasn’t so strong and the clouds were leaving a bit of space for blue sky. I guess tomorrow, life will be back to normal and we’ll have to find some kind of distraction again. It takes a lot of energy to stay positive! Speak of staying cheerful and positive…

Have a look at Sandy’s lastest post. She’ll be hosting the next Blogger with a View. For my part, I’ll produce (insert the MetroGoldwynMayer into theme here) a new video in March. Here is what I have in mind. Let me know if you have any questions 😉

(Thank you Sandy for this awesome logo)
Home-made GIF!!!

34 thoughts on “It doesn’t take much…

  1. That looks delightful, V. I think I’ll participate in the next vlog. Will I put my video in a post and link it or send it to you to put with everyone else’s or ??? Monday I’m driving up north to Flagstaff, Arizona, which is at a much higher altitude and should have snow. I’m excited!

    Cheers to Wednesday!


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  2. Hi, Vero – I agree that snow is fun — especially when it is an infrequent occurrence…and doesn’t overstay its welcome. So far this winter we have had one full day of snow (it melted the next day). It is currently snowing lightly now – but it looks more like pollen on our green grass rather than snow. We’ll see what is left when we wake up.
    Enjoy your snow why it lasts. I LOVE your snow angel!

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  3. I lived in Normandy for two years and as it’s juste à côté de la Bretagne, I never experienced snow during my time there. I’d been told that they were warmer winters during the years I was there, and it wasn’t until I moved to the Rhônes-Alpes that I actually experienced snow. Pretty to look at, but being a California girl, I did not particularly enjoy braving the freezing (and sometimes dangerously slippery) paths to work or the market! Looks like a beautifully wintry time for you, though. Amuses-toi bien!

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    1. It is so cold. Today it’s -3°C (26°F) but feels like -13° (8°F) because of the wind which is completely surreal for people over here.
      But I would take this dry coldness anytime over the constant Breton rain for 5 months straight!

      But the snow is pure childhood fun. I can only see the good side of it. The adult in me tries to speak sometimes saying “but it’s going to be a pain if we need to drive somewhere or it’s going to get ugly when it melts”…. But shhh..! The child takes over reminding me it’s a rare gift to enjoy!

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  4. Glad you got to enjoy the snow 🙂 It’s not my favourite thing but at the moment it can make a nice break in the routine as we found when it snowed in London a couple of weeks ago. This week we have had some light sprinkles but not enough to be pretty, and today the wind is bitterly cold ❄️❄️❄️

    I’ll start thinking about how to show goodness in a video …

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    1. Now unfortunately the rain is back. Icy cold rain. I’m in my attic/office (!!) where it’s 15° wearing 3 jumpers, my hat, a shawl over my legs and a hot water bottle on my tummy… Very glamorous!
      Can’t wait to see what you turn “goodness” into 😉

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  5. Snow is very rare here… I think the last time was in the 60s? I get excited when it hails (not as rare, but not every winter). I love the joyful look on your face while making snow angels!

    I hope to participate in your next video project but I have no idea how to send it via IG or Dropbox (I’m afraid that hopelessly out of touch regarding those things… not that I can’t learn 🙂 ).

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    1. It’s a very childish pleasure! Where I grew up there was very rarely any snow and ski holidays were very exceptional in my family so I guess that’s the reason why I still find it extraordinary!

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  6. So much fun you had in the snow! I could hear your giggles from the vidoe, hehe. Love the magical snowy photos at night. Snow is pretty much nonexistent here in Borneo. Hope you will have of it over there to enjoy more childish pleasure 🙂

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      1. Pam’s post is nice! Thank you for sharing the link. She sums up Borneo’s wilderness well, there are quite many exotic species here in the wild remote area and a lot of insects! I do hope it will remains the same for many many more years.

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