Pass me my cape and tights, will you?

This morning started like every week-day mornings. Dark, damp, sad.

But I feel like going to fight today!

It Ain’t Over, Till It’s Over

In my little unemployed non-essential worker’s life, Wednesday is Market day! Any excuse is good to turn something as uneventful as grocery shopping into an event these days. So I got ready, applying full make up (yes even the healthy glow foundation!) which I perfectly realise is a little pointless when wearing a mask! But it’s the attitude you get from this little feminine trickery which counts! “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack” Coco Chanel said!

So, ready to bump into Martin Henderson while choosing his vegetable for today’s special at his Virgin River Bar – yes I know, last time you checked, the man wasn’t in Brittany – I even chose to get the fancy city boots out. The ones with the solid heels.

I’m a sneakers kind of girl. Eventually, I also became a hiking waterproof shoes girl too. The perks of country living! But this morning I feel like making noise while I walk. I feel like standing straight, putting my shoulders back and keeping my chin up. I want to face the world – and the market stalls – with pride!

And the boots work! 6 centimetre-heels are just what I need to feel a different rhythm with each steps. It’s all in the head! This afternoon it will be pouring down again and I’ll be left alone with my TLC tasks and cooking plans at home but this morning, I feel like a dancing soldier!

Take care of you. If you’re struggling, remember you’re not alone.

Speaking of confidence, I even exchanged a few words with the iconic ageless beautiful deborah_darling after lunchtime. If you’re feeling a little under the weather, I’d advise you to get and get a bit from her fantastic positive energy.

28 thoughts on “Pass me my cape and tights, will you?

  1. Great post V. YOu’ve got me in your head and in your boots!

    I remember when I bought my first pair of boots which looked like yours and had the same solid heels. They were full leather and went almost all the way up to my knees. I wore them once. They were hot, stiff and uncomfortable. My ankles couldn’t move and my calves ached. Those boots were not made for walking. Or maybe, my feet were not made for boots!

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    1. Thank you Sandy. I bought my boots in a second-hand shop. Years ago. They fit perfectly. But my hubby is a couple of centimetres shorter than me so I tend not to wear heels when with him 😉
      This morning, I was on my own!

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  2. I love the Chanel quote, although I don’t bother wearing lipstick (gloss, in my case) under my mask. I don’t want to have to try to wash it out. 🙂 But I do wear it when walking outdoors where I don’t need a mask.

    The market sounds great and I love the French markets. I don’t need cheering up today because I’ve already worked on a puzzle, gotten a delicious dark chocolate mocha from a new coffee shot, AND driven a short distance from our house to where there’s a vast empty space so that I could see the snow on the high peaks!!! That sight made me smile from ear to ear. I’m looking forward to taking a drive up that way one of these days, once the highways are all cleared. I miss snow. 🙂

    As for boots, I enjoy them too as long as the heel isn’t too high and of course I have a pair of well-worn cowboy boots for when we’re in Wyoming and I’m riding every day. Other than that, I tend to wear tennis/athletic shoes most of the time.

    Sending you hugs and smiles,


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    1. I don’t actually wear lipstick either only gloss! I focus on my eyes and complexion. But you know what I mean 😉
      Your day seemed pretty great with that dark chocolate mocha and the snow peaks view… Over here we’re expecting big government announcements about a probable new lockdown period… The atmosphere is very apprehensive.
      Sending you good vibes for a new day!



  3. I rarely wear makeup anymore, especially after I left my previous job where I had to wear makeup (and a uniform) every day. Every once in a while I’ll don a full face, but with COVID these days, I’m always wearing a mask at work, so there’s really no point to wear makeup. Plus, who am I trying to impress, anyway? XD Regardless, I agree with you that it’s the little things to go out make all the difference in perking yourself up. It’s by wearing makeup and boots that you can control your life, in an otherwise uncontrollable world. Prends soin de toi!

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    1. I’ve always worn make-up. Before moving to the countryside, I would NEVER have left my house without foundation and mascara. Now, my life has changed so much and regularly I asked myself, what’s the point? But that exact question makes me realise how different I feel when I take care of myself and try to make me as “good looking” (you know what I mean!) as possible, so that when I see my reflexion I don’t go “Uuurgh”! My mom has never worn makeup. Every single morning she leaves the bathroom saying, “I look awful”… which drives me crazy because sometimes it doesn’t require much to give just a bit of healthy looking touch!!!
      Anyway, you’re young and fresh, so you probably don’t need any trickery!!!
      And I guess you read between the lines anyway. It’s just a question of what will help you feel good and cheery to start the day: cool shoes, smart outfit, favourite coffee from a cute barista?… whatever works for you!
      “Who am I trying to impress?” You!!!!! Impress yourself!!!

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      1. Haha, I impress myself already with the assets I’ve already got (e.g. good eyebrows, thick hair, etc). I guess it’s because I never wore makeup until I was 26, and I think it also has to do in how one interprets self-confidence: some people find self-confidence in wearing makeup, others don’t. I’m in the latter camp, but I do recognize the loveliness of putting on makeup from time to time. For me, makeup is for special occasions, a “treat” of some sort!

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  4. Great post! I can’t wear heels these days, but I know exactly what you mean about them changing the way you walk. And even if it seems too much effort, trying to look our best when we go out can give us a much-needed lift. My husband and I have adopted a lockdown habit of dressing for dinner on a Saturday evening, as if we were going out to eat. It breaks up the routine and it’s fun (and unusual these days) to have to think about what to wear, what jewellery to add etc. 🙂


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